Beach Bar

Araticum Praia is our own Beach bar, in which our guests can enjoy the quietness of Santo André´s beach tasting a delicious tropical drink and eating traditional sea-food meals. Includes beach service, umbrellas, shower and sun beds along the beach and also in our private beach garden.

Araticum Restaurant

Vila Araticum has a contemplative restaurant. Our guests talks directly with the chef who cooks their dishes with the day’s fresh ingredients. Fish and crustaceans are provided daily by local fishermen, but depending on the time, because we respect the fishing periods and collection restrictions. Fruits and vegetables are organically grown from local farms, without the use of agro-toxics.


Tel: 73 3671 4067
+ 55 73 9 9812 6612

For booking and information please send an e-mail or contact-us by phone or whats app.


Santo André - Bahia

Um lugar ainda pouco conhecido a 25 km. ao norte de Porto Seguro. Um cenário de águas calmas, mangues e coqueirais. O destino ideal para quem gosta de Paz e Natureza.

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